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    The owner, Bobbi Jarvis, has been teaching group exercise classes around R.I. and

    southeastern New England for over 20 years.  Not only does she have a background

    in physical fitness, she is also a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology where she

    earned a BA in Product Design.  Bobbi has been designing toys for over 20 years for

    companies such as Hasbro Toys, Fisher-Price and Little Tikes.

Bobbi started the Exercise Breaks in the Classroom program in 2008 in collaboration with the Bristol-Warren Regional School District.  Those wonderful teachers, administrators and Wellness Committee members continue to test new Exercise Breaks and advise us as we grow and develop the program. Exercise Breaks in the Classroom is now in hundreds of classrooms throughout the country.

Bobbi resides in Bristol, RI with her husband and two children who roll their eyes whenever she makes them exercise but love her all the same!  She can be seen doing push-ups and sit-ups on random lawns throughout the East Bay.


About the Owner

“Children need many opportunities to be physical throughout their day - without (those opportunities) tension inevitably builds up, kids get angry and frustrated and their physical development may even be impaired.  That is probably why we have so many unhappy children today.  Your program seems to be the perfect answer to fuel children's physiological, mental and emotional development!"

- Maria Silveira, Global Consumer Insights Manager- Funlab, Hasbro, Inc


Exercise Breaks

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