Faculty Workshop price now includes ALL materials!

Prices good within a 100 mile radius of Bristol, RI

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Buy 2 posters, get free DVD!
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●1-1 1/2 hour teacher workshop - at your school’s regular faculty meeting!

During this hands-on workshop, 12 teachers* will learn the fundamentals of the Exercise Breaks in the Classroom™ Program, sample 3 different Exercise Breaks, learn cool down routines and hear teacher testimonials.  We’ll share different implementation strategies that have worked at other schools and customize a strategy that best fits your student and faculty population.  The teachers will leave the workshop ready to start the Exercise Breaks in the Classroom™ program the next day!

●12 Exercise Breaks in the Classroom™ Teacher Resource Guides*

●12 Classroom Posters* (your choice of ABC for Fitness, ABC Animal Actions and Boot Camp)

●1 Teacher Resource DVD

●12 Complimentary Fun Music CD’s*

●Periodic email updates about new research and new routines available for purchase!

●Additional Posters available for purchase

*Note: $25 charge for each additional teacher

2.  Refresher Workshop  $199**

Want to infuse your existing Exercise Breaks program with new energy, enthusiasm and fantastic new Exercise Breaks ideas?  This is the workshop for your school!

**Only available to schools that have hosted a Faculty Workshop.

●Up to one hour

●Learn new ways to use your existing posters

●Sample brand new Exercise Breaks

●Get ideas for classroom breaks, line-up time, carpet time lessons and more!

3. Family Fun and Fit Night  $399

(Phew - say that 3 times fast!) We’ll lead a 2 hour family fun experience at your school where kids and parents can enjoy movin’ and groovin’ together!  We’ll play some fantastic games, do some Exercise Breaks and even set up a funky fitness trail in your schools hallways – something for everyone!  This is the perfect way to get families excited about the Exercise Breaks in the Classroom™ program!  Refreshments and advertising will be provided by school or parent group.  Posters will be available for parents to purchase for their kids’ classroom or for families to do Exercise Breaks at home together!

4.  Classroom Workshops  $399**

●Up to 4 hours in one morning (30 minute sessions)

We’ll work one-on-one with classroom teachers and their students on how to transition into and out of the Exercise Breaks as well as how to perform 2 Exercise Breaks and 2 Power Down routines.  These mini workshops take place right in the classroom so teachers can really get a feel for the program in action!  This is a phenomenal opportunity for the Exercise Breaks in the Classroom™ trainer, the teachers and the students to cooperate in making the program a success!

**This workshop may only be purchased with a Faculty Workshop.

5.  Student Workshop  $399**

●Up to four 45 minute student assemblies in one morning

During this hands-on workshop your students will learn 4 different Exercise Breaks in the Classroom™ routines as well as 3 different Power Down Routines!  This wonderful workshop allows teachers not only to see their students in action but also to see the kids’ enthusiasm and excitement for the program.  This workshop really helps insure the success of the Exercise Breaks in the Classroom™ program at your school!!

**This workshop may only be purchased with a Faculty Workshop.

6.  Parent Workshop  $199

This one hour workshop is a wonderful way to educate parents about how Exercise Breaks in the Classroom™ help students get the wiggles out so they are more available to learn, improve academic performance and provide an outlet to ensure positive behavior. Parents will get to sample some of the Exercise Breaks that their kids will be going while learning the theory behind the program.  This is perfect for a PTO meeting!  Posters will be available for purchase so families can do Exercise Breaks at home together!

7.  Deluxe Workshop  $1399 – save $198!!

This is a mega-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink deal!  It’s 3 workshops in one and includes:

●Faculty Workshop (see above)

●Student Workshop (see above)

●Classroom Workshop OR Family Fun and Fit Night (your choice)


We now offer video conference workshops via Skype!

1.  Faculty Workshop  $799

“The Exercise Breaks, it’s fun to do them because they kind of get just your wiggles out so it’s easier to work and you don’t have any ants in your pants in your seat!”

- Zoey, 1st grader

“We do (the Exercise Breaks) two times a day, usually right before writing because that’s a time when (the students) really need to be sitting and thinking and before math as well.  Now I like it and the kids ask for it!  I think they know it helps them put on their thinking caps after they’re done exercising.” 

- Traci Clays, 1st grade teacher
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